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2017-10-21 · Mini whiteboards can be an excellent way to gather information about class ‘understanding’ quickly and efficiently. When used badly, however, they cease to be an effective responsive teaching tool, and they can get in the way of learning and become a distraction. Mini whiteboards are an instant formative assessment tool that allow teachers to engage with the thinking, understanding and progress of all students at once. What does it mean?

Mini whiteboards teaching strategy

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A mini-whiteboard can be given to each student, or to a pair. As a variation to … 2021-03-11 2016-08-09 2017-10-26 Magnetic whiteboards are all the rage in New Zealand schools. Why? Because they are so practical! They can be used to write on and wipe off, some have magnetic surfaces making them excellent for teaching activities involving alphabet or numeracy activities.

Mini whiteboards A simple device for students to show working out, write responses and/or ask questions Observation Teachers observe and record evidence of student learning against specific learning intention, success criteria and/or learning goal Peer feedback Students use criteria or a rubric to review peer’s work Polya questioning Teachers creating their own CPD through working with other teachers in a high trust environment is a new way of looking at teacher development. Observations are interesting for the observer, but for the teacher it can be a great source of data to help reflect upon use of mini whiteboards more effectively.

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What does it mean? Coupled with erasable pens, mini whiteboards are simple and effective learning tools.

Mini whiteboards teaching strategy

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Listen & Draw. Learners work in pairs, sitting with their backs to each other, each with a mini whiteboard.

• Teacher asks students a concept question – students write their answer on mini whiteboards rather than having class call out or put their hands up. Generally, whiteboards make a teacher’s life easier. Class assessments, such as solving math problems, spelling, or explaining a point briefly can be written on dry erase whiteboards.
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Mini whiteboards teaching strategy

But I also find mini-whiteboards useful as an erasable workspace students can use to practice their own learning. Giving students an assignment to complete on their whiteboard doesn’t require any advance planning. Have students illustrate one of their vocabulary words, count by multiples of 7, or list as many two syllable words as they can. This will keep students on task and learning while you take care of the interruption.

Access points. The resources can be accessed from: NAPLAN App in Scout using the teaching strategy links from NAPLAN items 2016-08-09 · There are plenty of Fast Finisher tasks that students can do with mini whiteboards but the two that stand out for me are Peer Dictation (also mentioned by Anthony Teacher) and Hangman. Peer Dictation with primary-aged children is much simpler than that of older students but the principles involved and the skills they practice are very similar. 2016-08-14 · Team-teaching and/or station teaching: It's always a good idea to keep some MWBs handy when you want to show an individual or a group something at their desks; saves you going back up to the board.
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286580_Katarina Blennow - LU Research Portal - Lunds

Like all teaching, the success of whiteboarding depends on the preparedness of the instructor and the environment which has been cultivated in the classroom. As instructors become more confident in utilizing whiteboard strategies the process will become easier for both teacher and learner. 2013-08-01 · In this series of articles aimed at school nurses new to teaching, Krista Faber provides some advice on teaching effective PSHE sessions.

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Both of Mini-whiteboards. 18 Mar 2021 I love using Mini-whiteboards and am getting so much … So, I'm only in my second year of teaching and I'm pretty certain I'm going to leave HoD position ( the interview preparation guide on this subreddi Have students pair up and both have mini-whiteboards. This has been used as a method to help teachers assess whether they need to review or reteach. Hold-ups such as mini whiteboards and number cards can be used to ensure Teachers can have students write ½ on whiteboards.

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First group to tell the teacher the word wins the round.

whiteboards. Whiteboards are an especially good strategy for encouraging the have a go mindset. 2. What other AfL technique flushes out misconceptions the way mini-whiteboards do? They allow algebraic answers just as easily as numerical or wordy ones.