Meaning of hinder in Swedish english dictionary - Innebörden


Meaning of hinder in Swedish english dictionary - Innebörden

[with object] Make it difficult for (someone) to do something or for (something) to happen. ‘language barriers hindered communication between scientists’. More example sentences. ‘Will this not hinder other children and slow down progress as a whole?’.

Hinder english dictionary

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Detta får dock inte användas som ett hinder eller en spärr för utveckling. expand_more However, that should not be used as an obstacle or a block to development. hinder (also: test, prov, kontroll, stopp, koll, prick, avbrott, kråka, broms, bock) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense hinders, present participle hindering, past tense, past participle hindered 1. verb If something hinders you, it makes it more difficult for you to do something or make progress. Does the fact that your players are part-timers help or hinder you? hinder meaning in Latin » DictZone English-Latin dictionary.

a. to hinder, to prevent, to obviate.

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av J Kähö · 2006 · Citerat av 1 — ett hinder för klart tänkande. Inom sociolingvistiken forskar man i hur språket används i en viss social kontext (Collins English Collins English Dictionary.

Hinder english dictionary

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hope, expectation. Förhud, f. prepuce, foreskin. Förhugg||a, v. a.

Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome! Questions and Answers English to Hindi Dictionary: hinder. Meaning and definitions of hinder, translation of hinder in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of hinder in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry "hinder" How to say hinder in Spanish - Translation of hinder to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica.

Hinder english dictionary

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expand_more However, that should not be used as an obstacle or a block to development.

arbetsbeskrivning platschef bygg
pay back unemployment
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a. to help.

Bygga biltvätt kostnad
pensionärsintyg sj

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tangent  put at a disadvantage; hinder, harm. "This rule clearly disadvantages me" tillhandahålls av Macmillan Dictionary - Online english Dictionary and Thesaurus​.

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The word hinder is usually followed by the thing being hindered. It’s most commonly used in the context of progress, tasks, work, or other things that involve the completion of a goal.

hinder [sb/sth] ⇒ vtr. transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, " Say something." "She found the cat." (slow progress) (progresos) dificultar ⇒ vtr. verbo transitivo: Verbo que requiere de un objeto directo (" di la verdad", " encontré una moneda").